Behind the Layers

Our 2014 designs are inspired by legends like Beryl Markham, Zora Neale Hurston, Jane Goodall, Rosa Parks, Marilyn Monroe, and Eleanor Roosevelt (to name just a few). Their fabulously complex and layered personalities are what drew us in. Like these women, our brides, too, are layered with character and complexity.

"It's all about being yourself and embracing your personality, balancing our layers. So often, as women, we're lured by the notion of perfection, trying to be someone other than ourselves. It's no wonder that we lose sight of how beautiful we are. We're positively imperfect, maybe a bit quirky, and naturally somewhat complicated – whatever we may be, we can't escape being ourselves. So why not spend the time getting to know yourself, embracing your layers, being the BEST version of YOU.

When you're happy being yourself, you naturally radiate beauty... this is the essence of charm, of attraction." - Amy Kuschel

With a bride's personality in mind, we crafted our 2014 collection using layers of lace, mixing textures and sheers, and accenting and highlighting to create character and personality with each silhouette. Our hope is that you'll find a dress that speaks to the layers of your personality!

Here's our line-up:

Monroe's layers are subtle and complex, capturing and evoking emotion...feminine and dramatic yet vulnerable with a demure, high neckline.

Giorgia is confident and glamorous with a delicate touch.

Darling: A classic A-line with a twist. Her retro inspired swing skirt gives this gal individuality and a playful presence.

Daffodil has plenty of classic sensibility minus the pomp and circumstance. She's playful and charming...and so happy just to dance with you.

Amelia is admittedly a bit adventurous and oh-so feminine.

Coretta's simplicity speaks to her quiet confidence. She's also undeniably elegant and romantic in delicate American made lace.

Harriet is a natural born leader. She's adventurous, confident, and oh-so glamorous.

Norma can't resist being affectionate and flirtatious with a bit of vintage charm.

Tara is a gentle soul. Romantic and ethereal, radiating love and kindness.

Rosa offers a bold trumpet silhouette offset by romantic overlays of tulle and lace, showcasing her gracious and feminine nature.

Zora's confidence exudes personality and grabs their attention. She's courageous and confident – elegant and romantic with layers of tulle and French Alencon accents.

Eleanor, fabricated in our new silk pique, is polished with prep-appeal and layered with rich Alencon, balancing strength, structure, and femininity.

Jane's intelligence is presented with a classic silhouette, showcasing her strong feminine side.

Beryl's adventurous spirit and bold, plunging neckline are balanced with the ethereal, delicate beauty of silk organza.

Emma is effortless. Her grace and charm are heightened with a bit of drama and wit.

Austen is intelligent and sensible with the charm of a blushing ballerina in Petal Pink silk taffeta. She's our 2014 "giving gown".

Our 2014 Collection is now available at our San Francisco flagship as well as our retail partners. We hope you'll make an appointment to find a dress that is fitting for YOU!

Happy hunting!

As always, every Amy Kuschel gown is made by hand in San Francisco.