Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the eco chicest of them all?

Eco chic?  Green Goddess?  Consider Clever Couture as a sensible option.

What makes a gown organic or green?

What makes a gown organic or green?  There is no "certified organic" process for apparel, although many market their goods as green or organic.

In a quest to be greener, we searched high and low for organic fabrics and "American made" textiles and trims.  

We found most organic materials to be ultra casual and unsuitable for bridal style...we also found that most of these fabrics are made overseas, which we didn't think was very green.

As for American made, with limited opportunities we were thrilled to find beautiful lace designs made in the USA.   We're currently testing them in our design room.  Unfortunately, many textile mills in the United States have closed over the last 10 years as much of America's apparel production has moved overseas, so we were unable to find resources for other textiles within our collection. 

Our Clever Couture approach incorporates many techniques and processes that are as important as being "green" or "organic".   Consider that we're controlling waste & efficiency by making every gown in our San Francisco design studio, we're creatively repurposing our fabric waste, we're using American made fabrics when possible, and offering undyed color options. 

We're also supporting our American economy by producing locally and fundraising for causes that we believe in.   We think it's a good thing. 

Little by little, one gown at a time, we try to make a difference.  We hope you'll consider our locally made couture gowns, cleverly crafted just for you.