The Beauty of Slowing Down from Food to Fashion with Amy Kuschel & Nicole Bianchi

Tune in as Nicole and I chat about finding joy and achieving BIG THINGS by slowing down our food and fashion. Nicole is a holistic nutrition coach and together we talk about tuning in-tune with mother nature. We also share links to her healthy grocery list and my sustainable style guide. ▼MORE DETAILS BELOW▼ • IN THIS VIDEO • I’m wearing the chambray Workshop: And Nicole is wearing the Roman Holiday in cranberry: • LINK TO NICOLE’S GROCERY LIST• • LINK TO MY HIGH 5’s SUSTAINABLE STYLE GUIDE • • Shop my sustainable style collection • (only if you need something!) • FOLLOW AMY ON INSTAGRAM •… • FOLLOW NICOLE ON INSTAGRAM • • PLEASE SUBSCRIBE • • FIND NICOLE ON YOUTUBE • • • CONTACT US • AMY KUSCHEL SAN FRANCISCO 23 Grant Avenue, 6th Floor San Francisco, CA 94108 415-956-5657 • CONTACT NICOLE • NICOLE BIANCHI, NC Advanced Health 2201 Webster Street San Francisco, CA 94115 415-506-9393